The Queer and Trans Conference Planning Committee is committed to making all of its events as accessible to and inclusive of all presenters and guests. To this end:

  • All conference events are held in wheelchair-accessible buildings and spaces (see map linked below).
  • Directions to nearby all-gender and gendered bathrooms will be announced at the beginning of each event.
  • For all videotaped events, off-camera audience seating areas will be designated and respected.
  • We can provide childcare. Please leave us a voicemail at (484) 483-6470 in advance which events you would like us to arrange these services for.
  • While Swarthmore is not a scent-free campus, we ask that conference attendees refrain from wearing strong scents and that those of us who smoke do so at least 25 feet away from campus buildings and walking paths. We ask all guests to refer to this guide on how to be fragrance free.
  • All events will have ASL translation.

The planning committee is committed to working with you to meet your needs and make the conference a safe and supportive space for you. Please contact us if there are any additional accommodations we can provide.

This map below shows all of the buildings where QTC events take place, as well as the wheelchair accessible paths connecting them.