The Sager Fund of Swarthmore College was established in 1988 by alumnus Richard Sager '73, a leader in San Diego's gay community. To combat homophobia and related discrimination, the fund promotes events that are open to the public as well as to the College -- events that focus on concerns of the lesbian, bisexual and gay communities. The fund is administered by a committee of women and men from the student body, alumni, staff, faculty, and administration.

Here is a copy of the Sager Fund's Operating Guidelines.

For more information, call (610) 328-8231 or write George Huber, Underhill Music Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA 19081. (Please use the same address if you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution toward the fund and its programs.)


Experimental Identities and New Queer Media

March 29-31, 1996
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA

Lesbians and gay men have begun the task of self-representation, experimenting with fictional, documentary, and avant-garde forms and with new media technologies. At this year's symposium, independent film and video makers and multimedia artists will present their works and discuss issues of autobiography, access, and audience.

Schedule of Events

 Friday, March 29

Lang Performing Arts Center (PAC) Cinema

     Special Advance Screening: The Watermelon Woman
    Directed by Cheryl Dunye, co-produced by Alexandra Juhasz and Barry Swimar
      The life of a young filmmaker (Cheryl Dunye) is turned upside down as she researches a documentary on a 1930s African American supporting actress billed as "The Watermelon Woman." The actress's relationship with the striking Martha Page, one of Hollywood's only women directors, is paralleled by Cheryl's own unexpected interracial romance. Various "experts"- Cheryl Clarke, Michele Wallace, Camille Paglia--are interviewed for the film-within-the-film, piecing together the intrigue of early Hollywood lesbians and the ingenuity of independent African American production of the era. Cheryl's misadventures in the black and gay communities and her "talking head" commentary complete this comedic and provocative film on history, community, and romance.

      Set and filmed in Philadelphia--and on the Swarthmore campus--The Watermelon Woman premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, 1996. Discussion with the filmmakers followed by reception sponsored by Women's Studies.

 Saturday, March 30

 9:30 AM 
Coffee in PAC Lobby

 10: 00 AM 
Saturday Morning TV with Todd Haynes 
PAC Cinema

     Dottie Gets Spanked (30 minutes)
      Director Todd Haynes (Poison, Safe) explores a young boy's fantasies about a television commedienne in this subversive short film produced for the Independent Television Service.

 11:00 AM 
Multimedia Forum 
Kohlberg 117

    Computer artist Pamela Jennings will present her interactive piece, Solitaire: Dream Journal, and speak about lesbian and gay work with new technologies.

 12:00 noon
Box lunch in PAC Lobby

 1:00 PM 
Autobiographical Fictions 
with Frances Negrón and Gregg Bordowitz 
PAC Cinema

     Brincando al Charco: Portrait of a Puerto Rican (55 minutes)
      Philadelphia-based film and video artist Frances Negrón-Muntaner's experimental narrative on contemporary Puerto Rican identities.

     Fast Trip, Long Drop (60 minutes)

      Media activist Gregg Bordowitz goes beyond sentimental AIDS portraits in this essay on being Jewish, living with HIV, and taking chances. Music by the Klezmatics.

 3:30 PM 
Experimental Identities and Media Politics: A Roundtable 
PAC Cinema

Featuring Gregg Bordowitz, Cheryl Dunye, Pamela Jennings, Todd Haynes, and Frances Negrón Muntaner. Moderated by Patricia White, Department of English Literature.

 6:30 PM 
Symposium Dinner 
Bond Memorial Hall 
Entertainment by Michael Ogborn 
Reservations required (see below)

 9 PM 

Todd Haynes' haunting new film features Julianne Moore as a Los Angeles housewife suddenly struck by a debilitating environmental illness. A minimalist, compassionate horror story questioning identity and safety in the age of AIDS. Introduced by the filmmaker.

 11 PM 
The Sager Party 
Upper Tarble 
Featuring God Is My Co-Pilot

 Sunday, March 30

Alumni Brunch
Ashton House
Call Pieter Judson (610) 328-8136 for more information.

March 25-31

A ROM of One's Own: The Lesbian and Gay Interface

A computer-arts installation featuring the work of lesbian and gay artists will be on display in McCabe Library from March 25 through the Symposium weekend. Stop by any time during library hours.

All events are free and open to the public, except the Symposium Dinner and Alumni Brunch.

To make reservations for the Symposium Dinner ($25 per person) call (610) 328-8200, or contact Sager Committee Chair Pieter Judson (610) 328-8136.

A letter to alums by Pieter Judson, Sager Committee Chair (1995-96)