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The 2010 Queer Issues Symposium

"Oh, the Places You'll Queer:
The Impact of Place on Queer Movement Building"

The 2010 Queer Issues Symposium Planning committee is pleased to announce that this year's symposium will take place March 24-27, 2010 on the topic of the impact of place on queer movement building.

Statement of Purpose

This year's Queer Issues Symposium interrogates the impact of place on queer movement building. How does the specific structural, cultural and political context of a community impact the ways that queers can and do organize for justice? What does thinking beyond the local mean? Can place-based community organizing build power and solidarity outside its boundaries? Can we build an LGBTQ movement that brings together and represents a plurality of queer places? The dominant image of U.S. urban gayborhoods--which focuses on wealthy, able-bodied, white gay men--obscures the issues faced by queers in other places and the organizing they do. We believe that mainstream LGBTQ politics has been profoundly limited by this narrow representation of queer communities. In this year's symposium, we bring together people working towards an alternative politics that fights for liberation for queers in many places. We hope to honor the work of queers who have fought for social justice through local organizing and building solidarity across communities.

For more information about the symposium, explore our site. Contact Swarthmore.Queer.Symposium@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.